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Warning! Beware of Counterfeits, Fakes and Copies!
Alabaster Corp. Petro-Clean™ Emergency Response Solution is the Original!

There are hundreds of internet products advertised similarly. Many are using very similar names. Ours is the original, U.S.A. trademarked product tested and used exactly as we claim! There are no private labels, secret deals, related formulations, overseas or grey market versions. We invented it, we make it, all of it comes from our facilities and it can only be supplied by Alabaster Corp. or one of our authorized distributors.

Petro-Clean™ Product Information: Petro Clean Emergency Response Solution is applied to any hydrocarbon or fuel spill. It is designed to immediately break up the spill on contact and render the spill non-flammable, leaving no slippery residue when washed down. It’s that simple! Petro Clean is designed to encapsulate and hold the volatiles within fuel hydrocarbons in a very tight emulsion or oil water mixture. Once Petro Clean is mixed with the water and fuel it traps the volatiles.

Petro-Clean™ is a special chemical formulation designed as an emergency spill response solution. It is used by Emergency Response, Firefighting and Hazmat Groups to clean up fuel spills. It has been used successfully by some of the largest Hazmat groups in the world. Petro Clean is successfully used by Petrochemical Plants and Refineries, Fuel Service Stations, Emergency Response and Environmental Remediation Contractors, Airports and Fire Departments for Emergency Response, Surface Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, and Remediation projects. Petro Clean is Excellent for Aviation and Aerospace fuel spills. Petro Clean Will Break Down and Remediate Glycols!

Petro-Clean™ applied to gasoline, diesel and other volatile hydrocarbons takes care of your safety and environmental issues immediately. Moments count when there is a fuel spill! Emergency response groups risk their lives to protect us. They deserve to have the very best products available.

PetroClean  Emergency Environmental.gif

Petro-Clean™ Emergency Response Mixing Ratios and Application: Typically, for emergency response or fuel spill applications we recommend the following for safety. Petro-Clean Concentrate is mixed approximately 10% product with 90% water for Emergency Response to fuel spills. 1 gallon of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 9 gallons of water = 10 gallons of RTU (Ready to Use) product. 10 gallons of RTU = 10 gallon fuel spill. Spray or distribute the RTU product evenly over the entire surface area of the fuel spill. Flush with more water!

So, estimate the amount of fuel spilled in gallons. Use 10% of this fuel spill amount in Petro Clean Concentrate. Add an amount of water equal to the balance of the spill. Example, for a 1000 gallon gasoline fuel spill use 100 gallons of Petro Clean Concentrate applied and broadcast or spread over the entire surface area of the fuel spill. Add approximately 1000 gallons of water to surface wash and mix the Petro Clean, water, and fuel very well. Please contact Alabaster Corp. for specific recommendations if needed. We care very much for our customers and want to assist in everyway possible!


• 10 gallon fuel spill = 1 gallon of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 9 gallons water.
• 50 gallon fuel spill = 5 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 45 gallons water.
• 100 gallon fuel spill = 10 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 90 gallons of water.
• 250 gallon fuel spill = 25 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 225 gallons of water.
• 500 gallon fuel spill = 50 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 450 gallons of water.
• 1000 gallon fuel spill = 100 gallons of Petro-Clean Concentrate + 900 gallons of water.

Petro-Clean™ General Surface Washing Application: Petro Clean is usually sold in concentrate. Concentrated Petro Clean can be diluted with water to as little as between 5% and 10% product before application depending upon usage. Heavier or severe surface cleaning of contamination typically requires a ratio of approximately 25% product. Typical guidelines for dilution rations are 5% minimum product to 95% water for hard surface spill response and 10% product for more permeable surfaces. Heavier contamination, tank cleaning, or other remediation typically requires a minimum of approximately 25% product to 75% water depending upon usage. Please contact Alabaster Corp. or one of our distributors for specific recommendations if needed. We care very much for our customers and want to assist in everyway possible!

Petro-Clean™ Automobile Accident Letter: An automobile accident occurred in Broaddus, Texas in May of 1998. The driver overturned the car and the vehicle’s fuel line broke. The helpless driver was pinned and trapped within the car. In moments the ground beneath the vehicle was covered in gasoline. Explosive and flammable. This is the worst nightmare scenario.

In these circumstances the first concern is always safety. The pollution becomes secondary at best. It’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher in your trunk just in case you happen to come across a situation like this. We recommend contacting your local fire department for advice BEFORE you become involved with an accident! Ask them what to do if you are the first to arrive.

In a letter dated May 22, 1998 from the Broaddus Volunteer Fire Department: “To Whom It May Concern: There was an automobile accident on highway 147 in Broaddus, Texas involving a Suburban. The driver lost control of the vehicle and it overturned leaving the driver pinned in the car. The fuel line to the engine ruptured resulting in gas spilling on the ground beneath the car. The potential for a fire at this accident scene was serious which put rescue personnel at extreme risk. We sprayed the spill with Petro-Clean in an effort to prevent a catastrophic event. The results were excellent. Extraction of the driver from the car required two (2) hours and during this period we not only didn’t have a fire but both rescue workers outside and inside of the vehicle reported that they could not smell gasoline fumes. (Signed), Fire Chief. Broaddus Volunteer Fire Department."

Petro-Clean™ Size Availability: Petro Clean Concentrate is available in 5 U.S. gallon buckets, 55 U.S. gallon drums, and 250 to 300 U.S. gallon totes. Petro Clean is also availalbe pre-diluted to 10% and ready to use in 2 ½ U.S. gallon containers designed for quick application! This is convenient and efficient for emergency spill use at service stations or on other applications. In the event of a spill such as those typical during fueling and re-fueling operations the service station attendant simply opens a container and distributes or pours the Petro-Clean™ over the gasoline or diesel spill. Then the surface area of the spill is agitated with a broom or mop to emulsify or mix the fuel. Once this is achieved the possibility of ignition is greatly reduced and reasonable environmental measures are taken. The product can then be washed down as usual with greatly reduced environmental concerns.

Petro-Clean™ is also available ready to use in 32 oz. spray bottles offered as a Professional Degreaser. This is the perfect product for degreasing engines, parts, machinery, wheels, garage floors or walls. Excellent for dissolving and emulsifying any heavy grease, oil, grime, carbon deposits, oxidized wax, ink or built up dirt and a whole lot more! This product puts all the advantages of a emergency response spill control product and a heavy duty remediation product right in your hand. THERE IS NO OTHER CLEANING AND DEGREASING PRODUCT AVAILABLE IN THE WORLD FOR USE IN YOUR HOME OR SHOP WHICH REDUCES FIRE HAZARDS, AND OFFERS TRUE ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION IN ADDITION TO BEING A SUPERIOR CLEANER AND DEGREASER!

Petro-Clean™ is on the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's NCP Product Schedule. This does NOT mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certifies, or authorizes the use of Petro-Clean™ on an oil discharge. This listing means only that data have submitted to EPA as required by subpart J of the National Contingency Plan, Sec. 300.915.

Petro-Clean Emergency Response Solution™ Can Be Used For:

Emergency Response Applications: Fire departments and emergency response groups risk their lives to protect us. They deserve to have the very best products available for their protection, as well as those involved in accidents. Petro-Clean Emergency Liquid Spill Control, applied for gasoline, diesel and other volatile fuel spills, takes care of the situation safely and effectively.

Air Pollution Regulations and Fence Monitoring: Air pollution regulations require fence monitors at many facilities to monitor for hazardous air contaminants such as benzene, ethylene, propylene, 1-3 butadiene, etc. There are harsh repercussions for these uncontrolled gases. Thousands and thousands of gallons of Petro-Clean have been used for VOC and odor control. When state officials could impose a $9 million settlement on a Texas Petrochemical company for violations, Petro-Clean is indispensable in protecting your company from liability.

Spill and Leak Clean Up: Spills and leaks are a fact of life! From minor time consuming chores to major hazards. Hydraulic lines, valves, fuel lines, loading sites, gasoline pump areas, and maintenance bays constantly need to be cleaned of leaks and spills. Petro-Clean addresses these pollution problems with one of natures smallest yet most powerful weapon: microbes. It was developed to attack spills and leaks quickly and efficiently, turning the offending hydrocarbons and other organic wastes into harmless by-products of carbon dioxide and water. Indispensable at fueling stations!

Industrial Vessel, Tank and Line Cleaning: The petrochemical industry is searching for the most effective method of keeping their operations running. Downtime means production is offline and no revenue stream! Petro-Clean Emergency Liquid Spill Control has been used in plants and refineries for years to quickly take care of those spills and leaks that happen. Petro-Clean significantly reduces downtimes and turnaround time on tank cleaning projects.

Petro-Clean is designed to break down and degrade a wide range of organic wastes. It will quickly penetrate contamination and begin remediation. Applied properly, Petro-Clean will degas tanks rendering the contents non-flammable! Petro-Clean takes just a short time to render any explosive vapors safe and cleans the tank at the same time. LEL levels in Fuel Tanks can drop to zero quickly. With Petro-Clean there is less disruption to surrounding areas and it reduces worker exposure to volatile hazards and hazardous cleaning compounds.

Remediation of Pollution: Petro-Clean is extremely effective when used with bioremediation products such as microbes. Applied with a water-type fire extinguisher, pump-up garden sprayer, portable adductor applicator or a fire foam adductor setup. Petro-Clean will quickly penetrate the surface going into contamination and go to work digesting wastes. Petro-Clean reduces odors, remediate volatile hot spots, promotes degradation of wastes, negates cradle to grave liability, and ships in concentrate ready to dilute and use for cost savings.

Golf Courses: Petro-Clean will keep your golf course green! Spills on greens are a golf course nightmare. Until now there was little that could be done to prevent the dead grass and long healing process associated with this type of contamination. Now there is Petro-Clean! By spraying a spill with Petro-Clean and flushing the area with copious amounts of water, the contamination is removed, the grass doesn’t die and new grass continues to grow.

Petro-Clean Emergency Response Solution™

• Renders Volatile Spills Non-Flammable.
• Greatly Reduces Fire Hazards.
• Renders Volatile Vapors Inside Tanks Harmless.
• Reduces LEL levels to zero quickly.
• Holds Emulsion Longer than Any Other Product.
• Breaks Down and Dissolves Hydrocarbons.
• Totally Cleans All Surfaces Areas.
• Extremely Effective if used with microbial or bioremediation products.
• Resolves Safety and Environmental Issues Immediately.
• Prevents Dangerous Slipping Hazards.
• Reduces worker exposure to volatile hazards.
• Reduces worker exposure to hazardous cleaning compounds.
• Environmentally Friendly, Non-Toxic, Non-Hazardous and Non-Pathogenic.
• Ships in Concentrate and Ready To Use.
• Saves Time and Money.
• Reduces or Eliminates “Cradle to Grave” Liabilities.
• Neutral pH. Non-corrosive. Does Not Contaminate.
• Compatible with Common Delivery Systems and Equipment.
• Will Not Harm Equipment.
• Listed on the U. S. EPA NCP Product Schedule as a surface-washing agent. *

Alabaster Corporation is honored to offer the following Bioremediation, Emergency Response, Oil Spill and Environmental Cleaning Products and Environmental Services:

• Bioremediation and Environmental Pollution Cleaning Products.
• Custom Blended Microbial Cleaning Products for Bioremediation.
• Emergency Response and First Response Cleaning Products.
• Petro Clean™ Emergency Response Solution.
• Fuel Spill or Oil Spill Cleanup Products for Spill Response.
• Ocean Pollution, Oil Spill Containment and Dispersant Cleaning Products.
• Environmental Products for reducing Volatile Organic Compounds.
• Remediation Products for Soil Contamination, Water Contamination.
• Wastewater Plant and Water Pollution Remediation Products.
• Grease Trap and Septic Tank Cleaning Products.
• Industrial Cleaning, Tank Cleaning Remediation and Degassing Products.
• Oil Spill Response Products for Firefighting and Fire Prevention.
• UST, PST Environmental Remediation and Pollution Removal.
• UST Contractor Environmental Services and Environmental Consultants.
• Corrective Action Specialist Environmental Services.
• Corrective Action Project Manager Environmental Services.
• Phase I ESA. Environmental Services and Environmental Consultants.
• Phase II ESA. Contamination Testing Environmental Services.
• Phase III ESA. Site Contamination and Remediation Environmental Services.
• Regulatory Research and Voluntary Cleanup Program.
• Oil Spill Contingency Planning, Spill Control and Spill Containment.
• Environmental Consultants, Environmental Services and Expert Witness.
• Alabaster Corp. is an Approved Vendor for most major banks and refineries!

713-724-9226 or 1-800-609-2728


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